Resources For Academic Leaves of Absence

Academic-year appointees (9/12) are expected to be present on campus from the beginning of the Fall Semester (Quarter) through the end of the Spring Semester (Quarter). Any appointee returning after the beginning of the Fall Semester (Quarter) or leaving before the end of the Spring Semester (Quarter) should apply for a leave of absence. (APM 700) (pdf)

In order to fulfill their obligations to the University, the APM states “faculty members must maintain a significant presence on campus, meet classes, keep office hours, hold examinations as scheduled, be accessible to students and staff, be available to interact with University colleagues, and share service responsibilities throughout every quarter or semester of active service” (APM 025-8(a)) (pdf), General Principles, Obligations to the University).

Academic appointees absent without an approved leave are at considerable risk of non-coverage should an injury occur. Prior approval for leaves of absence is important to remain compliant with Federal and State laws.

Academic employees wishing to be absent from the campus for more than seven calendar days must file a Leave of Absence form (UPAY 573-4) (pdf) with the Department Chair or equivalent to be approved BEFORE the start of the leave.

For those who accrue vacation, vacation is not reported on a leave form unless it is taken in conjunction with another leave which results in a total absence from the campus of more than seven calendar days. (In this case, the days to be reported as vacation should be listed in the remarks section of the leave form.)

For questions or more information, please contact the Academic Personnel staff in your Dean's office or send an email to the Academic Personnel Office at


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