Ameae M. Walker
Vice Provost for Academic Personnel
Distinguished Teaching Professor
Professor of Biomedical Sciences
2121 Hinderaker Hall
(951) 827-2304


Katina R. Napper
Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Personnel
2148A Hinderaker Hall
(951) 827-5032

  • Chief advisor to the Chancellor, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor, and Vice Provost for Academic Personnel on academic personnel matters
  • Primary consultant for academic Vice Chancellors, Deans, Department Chairs, and other academic leadership across the UCR campus
  • Management of Academic Personnel Office Operations
  • Management of Academic Personnel Policies
  • Management of Academic Compensation
  • Liaison - UC Systemwide
  • Liaison - Academic Senate
  • Liaison - Office of Equal Employment and Affirmative Action


Team Members

Debi Greene, Executive Assistant to the Vice Provost for Academic Personnel
2121 Hinderaker Hall, (951) 827-2933,

Provides executive-level administrative support to the Vice Provost for Academic Personnel. Manages the Vice Provost's calendar and serves as the first point of contact for the Vice Provost's office.

Sonia KalogonisPolicy & Compensation Analyst
2148E Hinderaker Hall, (951) 827-2934,

  • Academic Compensation Lead
  • Negotiated Salary Trial Program (NSTP)
  • Data and Technology Team Member
  • UCPath Academic Personnel Implementation Support (Compensation)
  • Policy Development & Training

Danessa Murdock, Technology and Data Analyst
2148B Hinderaker Hall, (951) 827-3385,

  • Statistical Reporting
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Requests
  • AP Recruit Support
  • Academic Personnel Database (ACAPER) Support
  • Data and Technology Team Member
  • Academic Compensation Team Member

Jill SadeyProject and Administrative Coordinator
2148 Hinderaker Hall, (951) 827-2936,

Provides executive-level administrative support to the Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Personnel and the Academic Personnel Office.  Administers travel planning, event logistics, and financial transactions. 

Nordene Smith-HaylesAcademic Personnel Analyst
2148G Hinderaker Hall, (951) 827-5385,

Unit responsibilities:

  • College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (CHASS)
  • Graduate School of Education (GSOE)
  • School of Business
  • School of Public Policy

Sara UmaliPrincipal Analyst
2148C Hinderaker Hall, (951) 827-5810,

  • Academic Leaves
  • AP Recruit
  • eFilePlus
  • Academic Personnel Database (ACAPER)
  • Management of Academic Systems and Technology
  • UCPath Academic Pesonnel Implementation Support (Academic Leaves)
  • Policy Development & Training

Nick Weston-DawkesAcademic Employee Relations Analyst
2119 Hinderaker Hall, (951) 827-2935,

  • Academic Labor Relations
  • Unit 18 Lecturers
  • Unit 17 Librarians
  • Academic Bargaining Unit Specialist
  • Employee Relations for Non-Senate Academic Employees
  • Liaison — Labor Relations Office
  • Liaison — Non-Senate Academic Grievances
  • Policy Development & Training

Unit responsibilities:

  • University Library
  • University Extension
  • Undergraduate Education

Gabriela ZepedaAcademic Personnel Analyst
2148D Hinderaker Hall, (951) 827-3693,

Unit responsibilities:

  • Bourns College of Engineering (BCOE)
  • College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences (CNAS)
  • School of Medicine (SOM)

VACANTCompensation, Technology and Data Manager
2148 Hinderaker Hall, (951) 827-5036