Faculty Obligations - Conflict of Commitment and Outside Activities

The UC Regents’ Standing Order 103.1(b) states that faculty members shall not allow outside employment to interfere with primary University duties. University policy applicable to Academic Senate members is found in APM—025 (general campus faculty) and APM-671 (Health Science Compensation Plan Faculty); each policy includes specific time limits for certain types of outside professional activities.

Whether professional or non-professional, compensated or uncompensated, an outside activity that interferes with successful performance of a faculty member’s University obligations represents a conflict of commitment.

To comply with APM policy, UCR faculty must:

  1. Obtain Prior Approval for Category I activities by
    • Completing an APM-025 Prior Approval Request form OR an APM-671 Prior Approval Request form and
    • Submitting the form for approval following the campus routing instructions.
  2. Submit an Annual Report each fiscal year for Category I and/or Category II activities using the campus self-reporting system (link). 


  • ONLINE SYSTEM - Campus APM-025 and APM-671 Annual Self-Reporting System (link)
  • APM 025 FORM -Category I Prior Approval Form (pdf)
  • APM 025 FORM - Paper Annual Reporting Form for CATI & CATII Activities (pdf)
  • APM 671 FORM - Category I Prior Approval Form (pdf)
  • APM 671 FORM - Paper Annual Reporting Form for CATI & CAT II Activities (pdf)
  • UCR GUIDELINES/PROCEDURES - APM 025 and APM 671 Category I Prior Approval Request Form Routing Instructions (pdf)
  • General Information (pdf)

For questions or more information, please send an email to


Please Note: The UC policy mandates that faculty submit an annual report per APM-025 (for general campus faculty) or APM-671 (for HSCP faculty) whether or not you engaged in Category I or Category II activities.  A response of Yes or No is required.

To login to the Conflict of Commitment APM-025 and APM-671 Annual Reporting system visit (link) .