The Academic Personnel Office develops, implements, and oversees academic compensation policies and procedures. This page contains information regarding salary scales, salary programs, faculty administrator compensation, summer salary guidelines, and additional resources to assist you with finding information regarding academic compensation. If you have questions or cannot find the information you need regarding academic compensation, please send an email to


  • Academic Salary Scales and Salary Rates
    • Deans' Salary Structure (link)
    • UCOP Salary Scales (link)
      • Includes Current Academic Salary Scale Revisions, and Salary Threshold as well as links to Academic CTO's, titles and title codes, Historic academic salary scales and Deans' salary structure.
    • UCR Tutor Salary Rates (10/1/23) (pdf)
  • APM Section IV - Salary Administration (APM 600)
    • APM Section IV - Salary Administration (APM 600 - APM 690) (link)
  • Faculty Administrator Compensation
    • Faculty Administrative Appointments (link)
  • Inter-Location One Time Pay and Multi-Location Appointment
    • Inter-Location One-Time Payment (OTP) and Multi-Location Appointment (MLA) Guidelines for Academic Appointees (pdf)
    • Interlocation OTP and MLA Form (Replaces UPAY 560-T and UPAY 644C-T revised 01/18/2023) (pdf) (fillable pdf)
  • Local Compensation Policy and Guidelines
    • 2023-2024 UCR Academic Salary Plan Vice Provost Jeske Memo (pdf)
    • Additional Compensation FAQ (03/08/2024) (pdf)
    • APO Spring Letter on Academic Merits, Promotions, and Other Salary Related Items (dated 05/17/24) (pdf)
    • Course Buyout Guidelines (02/24/2021) (pdf)
    • FAQs Payroll Transition for New Overtime-Eligible Employees (06/11/2024) (pdf)
    • NFA 844 Weekly Part Time Thresholds (07/01/2024) (xlsx)
    • NFA 1128 Weekly Part Time Thresholds (01/01/2024) (xlsx)
    • NIH Salary Cap Guidelines 2024 (02/01/2024) (pdf)
    • Off Scale Salary (01/19/2016)  (pdf)
    • Recall Appointments Guidelines and Policy (link)
    • Reclassification of Non-Exempt Academic Appointees Below the DOL Salary Threshold (06/07/2024) (pdf)
    • Service Period vs. Pay Period (11/28/2023) (link)
    • Start-Up Package Offer and Funding Policy (07/01/2017) (link)
    • Step-by-Step PayPath Instructions for Summer Compensation with revised document (dated 05/09/22) (pdf)
    • Summer Salary Guidelines (dated 04/29/24) (pdf)
    • UCR Faculty Retention Process (August 2023) (pdf)
    • VPAP Memo on Off Scale Approvals (03/29/2016) (pdf)
  • Negotiated Salary Program (NSP)

    Negotiated Salary Program (link)

    Salary Administration: APM - 672 – Negotiated Salary Program (pdf)

    Issuance of Academic Personnel Manual (APM) Section 672 (pdf)

  • Additional Resources
    • UC Title Code Web Inquiry System (TCS Inquiry) (link)
    • UCPath Campus Support Center (link)
    • UCPath (link)