Academic Reviews and Advancement

Team Members: Katina Napper (team lead), Debi Green, Jill Sadey, Nordene Smith-Hayles, Nick Weston-Dawkes, Gabriela Zepeda

  • Appointment and Recruitment: Employment Actions
  • Advancement: Merit and Promotion Process


Benefits and Leaves

Team Members: Sara Umali (team lead), Danessa Murdock, Nordene Smith-Hayles, Gabriela Zepeda

  • Academic Leave of Absence
  • Conflict of Commitment
  • Family Accommodations
  • Partners Opportunities
  • Reasonable Accommodations


Academic Policy Development

Team Members: Katina Napper (team lead), Sara Umali, Nick Weston-Dawkes

  • Campus Oversight: Leadership and Analysis
  • Training: Workshops, Process Manuals and User Guides
  • Policies: Development, Revision, and Implementation
  • Employee and Labor Relations: Liaison for Collective Bargaining, Conflict Advising, and Intervention
  • Procedures: Campus Liaison for Systemwide Discussions
  • Faculty Award and Programs


Data, Technology, and Compensation 

Team members: Sara Umali (team lead), Danessa Murdock, Sonia Kalogonis

  • Reporting: Campus Academic Personnel Data
  • Systems: Maintenance and Data Management
  • Records: Custodian and Office of Records
  • Salary Programs
  • Faculty Administrator Compensation
  • Additional Compensation