Benefits and Privileges

  • Academic Benefits and Privileges (APM Section 710) (link)
  • Benefits Information for New Employees (link)
  • General Benefits Information (link)
  • Overview of UC Benefits for Tenured Ladder Rank Faculty (link)
  • Retirement Services (link)
  • The UC Faculty Family Friendly Edge (link)
  • UC Disability Benefits (link)
  • UC Family Friendly Policies (link)
  • UC Families-An Online Newsletter (link)
  • UC Mortgage Origination Program (MOP) (link)

Work/Life Balance Initiative

  • Family Accommodations Reporting/Certification Form/Request for Teaching Replacement (pdf)
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Family Friendly Policies (link)
  • UCR Work/Life Balance Initiative (pdf)

Additional Resources

  • Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (link)
  • Lactation Accommodation Program (link)
  • Reduced Fee Enrollment (link)
  • UCR Employee Discounts (link)
  • Wellness Program (link)