Non-Senate Academics

The Academic Personnel Office manages the administration, analysis, and implementation of UCR’s academic personnel policies, procedures and collective bargaining agreements for all Non-Senate Academics. This page contains the collective bargaining agreements (CBAs), APM policies, procedures, and guidelines related to academic employment of all Non-Senate Academics.

To identify if a title is a Senate or Non-Senate academic, please refer to APM 110 (Section 4.4)(pdf) for an affirmative list of Academic Senate titles.

If you have questions or cannot find the policy or procedure that you need, please send an email to


  • Non-Senate Academics - General Policy Information

    Below is a list of general policies that apply to Non-Senate, Non-Represented Academic Employees:

    • Non-Senate - Complaints, Concerns, and Grievances (Guidance) (pdf)
    • Non-Senate APM 140 Grievance Procedures (Local Policy) (pdf)
    • Non-Senate APM 140 Grievance Procedures (Appendix C – Grievance Form) (word)
    • Non-Senate Academic Appointees/Corrective Action and Dismissal (APM 150) (pdf)
    • Additional policies can be found at:

  • Academic Researchers (ARU) (RA)

    Academic Researcher titles include employees in the Professional Researcher Series, Project Scientist Series, and Specialist series. The Academic Researchers Unit (ARU) is represented by the UAW and covered under the RA contract. Visiting, Supervisory, Academic Year, and WOS researcher roles are non-represented. See the Non-Senate CALL for local procedures around both represented and non-represented titles.

    • RA Bargaining Unit Contract (link)
    • Non-Senate CALL 18-19AY (April 2019) (pdf) [NOTE: UNDER REVISION FOR CONTRACT COMPLIANCE]
    • Deferral Request Form (Non-Senate Series) (docx)
    • For official document templates for both represented and non-represented Academic Researchers, please email
  • Graduate Student Workers (GSRs) - (ASEs) (BX)

    Graduate Student Workers consist of Academic Student Employees (ASE) titles and Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) titles. Graduate Division is responsible for the development and implementation of policies and procedures around these titles, in coordination with Academic Personnel. ASE titles are represented by the UAW, and are subject to the BX Contract.

    • BX Bargaining Unit Contract (link) for ASE titles (TA, Reader, Tutor, Associate In)
    • Graduate Division Website for all Graduate Student Academic Employment (link)
      • Academic Student Employees (ASE) – Grad Division Website (link)
      • Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) – Grad Division Website (link)

    Please note: GSR titles are not unionized at this time and do not follow the BX contract. See Graduate Division website (link) for policy on these titles.

  • Lecturers (Unit 18) (IX)

    Lecturer Orientation:  For information on the Unit 18 Lecturer Orientation, please contact Nicholas Weston-Dawkes, Director of Academic Personnel Policy and Employee Relations at 951-827-2935 or at

    • IX Bargaining Unit Contract (link)
    • Class Visitation Report (link)
    • Lecturer Merit and Reviews Forms (link)
    • Unit 18 Access to Record (pdf)
    • Unit 18 Professional Development Fund (link)
    • Mentor Meeting Form (pdf)
  • Librarians (Unit 17) (LX)

    Librarian titles, including the ranks of Assistant, Associate, and full Librarians are represented by the UC-AFT and covered under the LX contract. Supervisory Librarian employees are non-represented and covered under APM 360 and APM 365.

    • LX Bargaining Unit Contract (link)
    • Librarian Academic Appointments and Reviews (Represented and Non-Represented (link)
    • APM 360 – Librarian Series (link)
    • APM 365 – Associate University Librarian and Assistant University Librarian (AULs) (link)
  • Postdoctoral Scholars (Postdocs) (PX)
    • PX Bargaining Unit Contract (link)
    • Postdoctoral Scholar Appointment Forms (link)
    • Graduate Division Website for Postdocs (link)
    • President's Postdoctoral Fellows and UCR's Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellows (link)
  • School of Medicine Non-Senate Academics

    The School of Medicine Academic Affairs maintains local procedures in the school for Non-Senate Faculty titles, such as Health Sciences Clinical Professor Series.

    • School of Medicine Academic Affairs (Local Procedures) (link)
    • APM 270 – Professor of (e.g. Psychology) in Residence Series (link)
    • APM 275 – Professor of Clinical (e.g. Medicine) Series (link)
    • APM 278 – Health Sciences Clinical Professor Series (link)
    • APM 279 – Volunteer Clinical Professor Series (link)
    • Appraisals Checklist (Non-Senate Health Sciences Assistant Clinical Professor Series) (pdf)
  • Other Non-Senate Academics

    Other Non-Senate Academics, such as the Adjunct Professor Series, Academic Coordinators, and Academic Administrators are covered under APM and local procedures, such as the Non-Senate CALL.

    • Non-Senate CALL (April 2019) (pdf)
    • Academic Coordinator Criteria Form (Optional Tool) (pdf)