Employee Relations

The Academic Personnel Office provides proactive problem solving for departments and divisions in situations involving work-related issues. We provide consultation and advice to supervisors and employees in the areas academic personnel issues, including performance management, corrective actions, interpretation of policies and procedures and collective bargaining agreements, conflict management, counseling, and training. Academic Personnel Office also partners with the campus’ Labor Relations office to ensure the correct application of policies, procedures and laws are being used to manage a large and diverse academic workforce.

The success of the University of California Riverside relies on establishing a culture of support and accountability. These procedures are designed to create a uniform approach for the fair and equitable treatment of academics, while ensuring that performance concerns and misconduct are addressed appropriately and in a timely manner.  The Performance Management, Corrective Action, and Dismissal Policy and Procedures (Non-Senate Academic Titles) document is a resource to employees, supervisors of Non-Senate Academic titles, and policy advisors alike in understanding and navigating the challenges related to employment issues and performance management.

Nick Weston-Dawkes is the Director of Academic Personnel Policy and Employee Relations. For questions or more information, Nick can be reached at 951-827-2935 or by email at

This webpage is under construction, but please see the resources provided below.

  • Complaints, Concerns, and Grievances

    As issues arise, academic employees are encouraged to navigate the challenges with their immediate supervisor. However, some challenges may require other avenues of resolution. Please review the Complaints, Concerns, and Grievances (Guidance) below to know your reporting options:

    • Non-Senate - Complaints, Concerns, and Grievances (Guidance) (pdf)

    Additional complaint mechanisms:

    • Contact Academic Employee Relations at 951-827-2935 or by email at
    • Represented employees may also contact HR Labor Relations at 951-827-3641 or by email at
    • For Non-Represented Academics that have exhausted all options, you may consider to file a grievance under APM 140:
      • Non-Senate APM 140 Grievance Procedures (Local Policy) (pdf)
      • Non-Senate Academic Appointees/Corrective Action and Dismissal (APM 150) (pdf)
      • APM 140 – Non-Senate Academic Appointees/Grievances (link)
    • UCR Policy 650-75: Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation Complaint and Resolution (link)
    • UCR Sexual Harassment and Complaint Resolution (Title IX) (link)
  • Conflict Management

    Conflict between employees arises when challenges surrounding communication occur. Conflict Management is the act of resolving these communication issues.

    • When encountering conflict, all parties should remain professional and make every effort to deescalate.
    • Academic employees, including supervisors, should contact the Academic Personnel Director in their Dean’s Office, or Academic Employee Relations at 951-827-2935 ( for assistance at any time in resolving conflict.
  • Standards of Conduct

    All employees are expected to follow the standards of conduct outlined in the following policies, as they apply to them:

  • Templates and Examples
    • Unit 18 Lecturer - Job Description and Expectations Example (pdf)

    • Unit 18 Continuing Lecturer - Job Description and Expectations Example (pdf)

    • ASE - Description of Duties Template (pdf)

    • ASE - Description of Duties Template (with Check Boxes) (pdf)