Faculty Administrative Appointments

A faculty member (as defined in APM - 110-4(15), who is appointed to assume administrative responsibility in addition to, in partial or in whole replacement of, their faculty responsibilities is considered a Faculty Administrator. A Faculty Administrator shall hold a concurrent University faculty appointment.

Information related to Administrative Appointments is listed below.  For more questions or information, send an email to the Academic Personnel Office.

Campus Local Policy/Procedures
  • 2024-2025AY Annual Call for Administrative Appointments (03/07/2024) (pdf)
  • 2024-2025AY Department Chair Appointment and Review Procedures (02/02/2024) (pdf)
  • APO Standard Procedures for Dean's Level Administrative Appointments (02/02/2024) (pdf)
  • Divisional and Associate Dean Review Criteria Suggestions (03/21/2022) (pdf)
  • Procedure for Appointment of Associate/Divisional Deans/Associate Vice Provosts (revised July 2018) (pdf)
  • UCOP Faculty Administrators Policy FAQs (02/02/2021) (pdf)
  • Policy Change for Funding Full-Time Faculty Administrators (effective 07/01/2021) (pdf)
  • VPAP Memo Dated 12-14-10 regarding Compensation changes for 100% Faculty Administrators (APM 246) (pdf)
  • VPAP Memo Dated 8-16-10 regarding Compensation changes for Faculty Administrators covered under APM 241 and 246 (pdf)
APM References
  • APM -110-4(15) - Faculty Member Definition (pdf)
  • APM 241 - Faculty Administrators (Positions less than 100%) (pdf)
  • APM 245 - Department Chairs (pdf)
  • APM 246 - Faculty Administrators (100% time) (pdf)
  • APM 600 - Salary Administration (pdf)
  • APM 633 - Stipends/Academic Appointments (pdf)
  • 2023-2024 Deans, Chairs and Directors List (pdf)
  • 2023-2024 Department Chair Listing (pdf)
Academic Personnel Office Contact