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eFilePlus Release Notes

Use the links below to review release notes for eFilePlus. Release notes contain a listing of updates, enhancements, and improvements made to eFilePlus.

Release Notes December 6, 2018

Release Notes November 20, 2018

Release Notes November 15, 2018

Release Notes November 6, 2018

Release Notes October 30, 2018

Release Notes October 23, 2018

Release Notes October 18, 2018

Release Notes October 16, 2018

Release Notes October 11, 2018

Release Notes October 5, 2018

Release Notes October 2, 2018

Release Notes September 25, 2018

Release Notes September 20, 2018

Release Notes September 16, 2018

Release Notes June 21, 2018

Release Notes May 30, 2018

Release Notes May 17, 2018

eFilePlus Academic Personnel System Information

The Academic Personnel eFile system or eFile has been in operation for 12 years. It began in 2006 with a Steering Committee and a Working Group to develop specifications and requirements for a system that support an online and secure management of the academic review process for all UCR faculty. 

In June 2017, plans were initiated to update the eFile system. This is primarily in response to enhancement requests that far exceed the current technical architecture and requests to make the system more flexible and easier to use.

The Academic Personnel Office and Information Technology Solutions have been working on the project since Fall with the goal of providing a better and more robust system with enhanced user experience and advanced features.

Notable enhancements to the new system include:

  • a user- friendly interface
  • a mobile-friendly system
  • a new system architecture that supports faster rollout of new features
  • a new system that support more flexibility, configurability and integrations
  • better functionality
  • better integration

We want to acknowledge the eFile sub-committee comprised of faculty and staff members who provided disciplinary expertise to this effort. 

Wendy Alvarez, Analyst, CNAS
Kenneth Barish, Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Laurie Bollinger, Academic Personnel Director, CNAS
Terri Buchanan, Analyst, SOM
Paulo Chagas, Professor, Department of Music
Cecilia Gonzalez, Academic Personnel Director, BCOE
Sherry Gonzalez, Analyst, SOM
Janet Harshman, Analyst, GSOE
Michael Haeberle, Analyst CHASS
Jami Holland, Interim Academic Personnel Director, SOM
Ana Kafie, Academic Personnel Assistant Director, SoBA
Wydette Morales, Analyst, SOM
Genie Mulari, Analyst, Academic Senate Office
Walid Najjar, Professor, Department of Computer Sciences and Engineering
Veronica Quesada, Analyst, Academic Senate Office
Beth Reynolds, Academic Personnel Assistant Director, CHASS
Richard Redak, Professor of Entomology
Cynde Sanchez, Academic Personnel Assistant Director, CHASS
Jasmine Salas, Academic Personnel and Human Resources Manager, SPP
Nordene Smith-Hayles, Analyst, Academic Personnel Office
Kirill Tomoff, Professor Department of History
Veronica Valenzuela, Analyst, University Writing Program
Andrew Winer, Professor of Creative Writing
Gabriela Zepeda, Analyst, Academic Personnel Office

eFilePlus News and Announcements

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