The University's policy on Conflict of Commitment and Outside Activities of Faculty Members (APM 025/APM 671) manage conflict of commitment and define which outside professional activities must be disclosed to the University and approved prior to engagement, and/or reported annually. This policy limits the amount of time a faculty member may devote to outside professional activities and describes the requirements when involving a student in outside professional activities. Outside professional activities that interfere with a faculty member’s professional obligations to the University represent a conflict of commitment. APM 025/APM 671 acknowledge the value of outside professional activities while recognizing the likelihood that some outside activities may cause real or apparent conflicts of commitment. Outside professional activities must not interfere with a faculty member’s obligations to the University. In addition to the policy on conflict of commitment and outside activities, all faculty, regardless of appointment percentage, must comply with University policies involving intellectual property, use of University resources, conflict of interest, education/academic, and code of conduct. Deans and full-time faculty administrators are subject to restrictions on compensation related to outside professional activities.

Who is Subject to this Policy?

All faculty holding appointments of 50% time or more time in the following series are subject to APM policy 025 and 671:

  • Professor, including Acting titles
  • Professor-in-Residence
  • Professor of Clinical (e.g. Medicine)
  • Health Sciences Clinical Professor
  • Adjunct Professor
  • Lecturer or Senior Lecturer with Security of Employment
  • Lecturer with Potential Security of Employment

The following are also subject to APM 025/APM 671:

  • Deans (APM 240)
  • Full time faculty Administrators (APM 246)
  • Faculty members on approved leaves or Sabbaticals

Recalled faculty at or less than 43% time are NOT subject to this policy with the exception of recalled faculty who are participants in the Health Sciences Compensation Plan.

Unit 18 Faculty Members, such as Lecturers, Continuing Lecturers, and Supervisors of Teacher Ed are also NOT subject to this policy.

Academic Personnel Manual (APM)

For more information on the policy requirements related to outside professional activities, please review the following system-wide APM sections.

APM-025: Conflict of Commitment and Outside Activities of Faculty Members
APM-671: Conflict of Commitment and Outside Activities of Health Sciences Compensation Plan (HSCP) Participants
APM-240-20-c: Deans
APM-246-20-c: Faculty Administrators (100% Time)

Conflict of Interest and Intellectual Property Policies

The University of California (UC) addresses the various aspects of financial conflicts of interests in research through a number of principles, guidelines and policies intended to promote the conduct of research without bias and with the highest scientific and ethical standards.

Though the following memos and policies do not directly apply to UC’s Conflict of Commitment procedures and reporting obligations, outside professional activities can be subject to a Conflict of Interest or Intellectual Property policy and require additional consultation and steps to ensure compliance. For more information, contact the Office of Research and Economic Development (RED) at (951) 827-5535.

Compendium Of Conflict Of Interest And Integrity Policies – Guidance
APM 028 Disclosure of Financial Interest in Private Sponsors of Research
Summary Statement of Principles and Policies on Institutional Conflict of Interest in Research
University of California Patent Policy
UC Patent Acknowledgment