President’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program (PPFP) and UCR’s Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program (CPFP)


What Happens Once You Apply to the President’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program (PPFP) and How is the PPFP Related to UCR’s Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program (CPFP)?

The PPFP has a two-tiered review process, involving faculty from the campuses and members of the systemwide Advisory Committee. They examine the quality of the research proposed, the way in which the fellow will contribute to the mission of the program, and the letters of support attesting to the promise of the fellow and the project. Based on these rankings, the PPFP accepts the top few. This number varies, but in 2018, the total number of applicants was 850 and 16 were awarded PPFP fellowships. In 2019, there were ~1000 applicants and because the President invested more money in the program, 39 were awarded PPFP fellowships.  In 2020, there was again about a 4% success rate for applicants.

Those ranked highly, but not chosen by the PPFP are then referred to the individual campuses housing a CPFP for consideration.

At UCR, a committee of 6 faculty members with broad experience, such as prior service on CAP, (3 covering CHASS, Business, GSOE, SPP and 3 covering BCOE, CNAS and SOM) is then used to rank the applications based on the quality of the application, the mentor-mentee-department match for the research proposed, and relevance to the mission of the UCR program. 

A big thank you to the UCR faculty committee for 2020:
John Ganim      Jang-Ting Guo       Jade Sasser (did not review one candidate due to COI)
Subir Ghosh     Shou-wei Ding       Jory Yarmoff    

Mentors for those applying through the PPFP to work at UCR are asked in their letters of support to comment on the departmental hiring plans and how the prospective fellow might fit into those plans The applicant’s potential for a tenure-track position at UCR is therefore a consideration.

The Vice Provost for Academic Personnel collates all rankings and comments and, based on these, first contacts department chairs to discuss their willingness/ability to provide space and administrative support and to ensure integration of the fellow into department life. Additional discussion of future hiring plans may also take place. Discussion of hiring plans does not constitute any commitment on the part of either the fellow or the department, it just ensures that some potential exists.

Once a departmental commitment is obtained, the fellow and mentor are notified by email and asked to comment on the fellow’s continued interest in, and eligibility for, the Program (e.g. will the PhD be obtained in time, has an alternate fellowship been accepted, has a faculty position been accepted). Once continued interest and eligibility have been affirmed, a formal letter of appointment is sent to the fellow along with forms required by the Graduate Division and the PPFP.

In 2020, 25, and in 2019, 33 candidates were referred for consideration by UCR for the five fellowships available.

Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellows are subject to all UCR Program conditions of appointment described in the appointment letter, as well as all regulations and privileges of the President’s Postdoctoral Program

Former Chancellor’s/President’s Postdoctoral Fellows on the faculty at UCR

Victoria Bomberry  (2001 Fellow)     
Ethnic Studies 

Amalia Cabezas  (2000 Fellow)      
Media and Cultural Studies

Mei-chu Chang (now emerita)    

Xóchitl Chávez   (2014 Fellow)                                

Roby Douilly (2016 Fellow)
Earth Sciences 

Emily Hue      (2015 Fellow)   
Ethnic studies

Anthony Jerry  (2015 Fellow)   

Juliet McMullin  (2000 Fellow)                              

Keith Miyake (2016 Fellow)
Ethnic studies

Amy Murillo (2018 Fellow)

Raquel Rall  (2015 Fellow)

Brandon Robinson (2017 Fellow)
Gender and Sexuality

Setsu Shigematsu  (2005 Fellow)     
Media and Cultural Studies

Eric A. Stanley  (2013 Fellow)
Gender and Sexuality Studies

Stephen Hong Sohn  (2006 Fellow)       

Flip Tanedo  (2014 Fellow)             
Physics & Astronomy

Melanie Yazzie    (2016 Fellow)
Gender & Sexuality Studies

Roya Zandi  (2002 Fellow)              
Physics & Astronomy




Current President’s and Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Recipients




Cathy Thomas
Creative Writing




Carla Hernández Garavito

Kiranmayi Mangalgiri
Chemcial and Environmental Engineering

Huanhuan Jiang
Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Huong Nguyen

Andrea Polonijo
SOM, Center for Healthy Communities



Suneal Kolluri
Graduate School of Education

Amrah Salomón

Mia Maltz
Biomedical Sciences

Sarah Whitt



Sahin Acikoz
Religious Studies

Michael Moses
Graduate School of Education

Javier Gonzalez-Rocha
Mechanical Engineering

Nadje Najar
Evolution, Ecology & Organismal Biology

Melina Packer
Gender and Sexuality Studies