Hellman Fellowship Program 2021-2022

The Hellman Fellows Fund has contributed funds to establish the UC Riverside Hellman Fellows Endowed Fund to provide support and encouragement for the research and creative activities of promising faculty at the Assistant Professor rank who exhibit potential for great distinction in their area of expertise.  The purpose of the fellowship is to support research and creative activities that will promote career advancement and enhance the individual’s progress toward tenure.


We would like to thank everybody who applied!

Congratulations to the 2021-2022 Hellman Fellows (link)!

Information on the Hellman Fellowship Program 2022-2023 will be available during the 2022 winter quarter.  Stay tuned!  For questions or more information, please send an email to



  • Full-time Assistant Professors (including Assistant Professors of Teaching) in the colleges of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences; Natural and Agricultural Sciences; or Engineering are eligible if they have completed at least two but not more than four full years of service by July 1, 2021. In addition, candidates may not be under consideration for tenure at the time the fellowship is awarded and will not be under consideration for tenure while holding a Hellman Fellowship. Please note, faculty who are eligible will be notified and sent an invitation to apply by the central Academic Personnel Office. If you were not sent an invitation and you believe you are eligible, please contact the central Academic Personnel Office at You must receive an invitation in order to apply.
  • If a full-time Assistant Professor, or Assistant Professor of Teaching, has a partial FTE appointment in the colleges of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences; Natural and Agricultural Sciences; or Engineering and a partial FTE appointment in a non- qualifying academic unit, they can apply using the qualifying college/department.
  • If an applicant spent one or more years at a research 1 or research 2 university before coming to UC Riverside, that time may be counted toward the total appointment criteria. That is, the applicant has to have completed at least two full years as an Assistant Professor at a research 1 or research 2 university by the start of the Fellowship on July 1, 2021.

Selection Criteria

  • Preference in awarding Hellman Fellowships will be given to faculty who show great promise in research/creative activities and have outstanding proposals, but who may have only modest means to support their scholarship and have never received other young investigator awards. Many government agencies (i.e., NIH, NSF, etc.) and professional societies give research grants called “Young Investigator Awards,” specifically designated for researchers in the early period of their careers. Because these awards provide recognition and funding for researchers at the Assistant Professor level that may duplicate the purpose of the Hellman Fellowship, those applicants who hold such awards will be given lower priority for a Hellman Fellowship.

Fellowship Information

  • Fellowship funds may be used for expenses such as laboratory equipment, travel to a professional meeting or a site where data will be collected, and salaries for research assistants, students, or postdoctoral fellows. Funds may not be used for academic year salaries or faculty summer salary. A faculty member may request to use the funds to “buy out” their responsibility for teaching up to one course per year. However, beginning with the 2021-2022 Hellman fellows, funds may also be used to pay for up to one summer month of salary and benefits.
  • The maximum award amount for 2021-2022 is $30,000. A budget justification for the amount requested is required. The duration of the award is normally one year, but if the awardee does not expend the entire award in the first grant year, they may request permission to carry forward any remaining balance to the next academic year. In any event, award recipients are required to spend all funds before their tenure case is put forward for consideration.
  • The application form and additional information can be found at UCR Hellman Application 2021-2022 Fillable Form (Download and open with Adobe Reader). Submit completed applications electronically to your Dean's Office with a copy to Academic Personnel Office:
Awards Will Be Based On:
  • Excellence of the proposal
  • Funding need
  • Candidate’s record of scholarship
Due Dates:
  • All 2021-2022 completed Hellman Fellowship Applications (that includes the Chair’s and the Dean's signatures) that are received in APO by the final due date of Wednesday, April 21, 2021 will be considered on- time and will be reviewed for consideration.
  • Please send an email to if you have any questions about the due dates.
Date Who Action
Friday, April 2, 2021 Eligible Applicant Combines the fillable application form and all attachments as a single PDF file and forwards to Dean's Office and copies Academic Personnel Office ( by this date.
Wednesday, April 21, 2021 Dean's Office Reviews application package for completeness, obtains Chair and Dean signatures, and uploads to Google R'Docs by this date.
Wednesday, May 5, 2021 Vice Provost, Academic Personnel Refers applications to Hellman Review Panel.
Friday, June 18, 2021 Vice Provost, Academic Personnel 2021-2022 Hellman Fellows announced.
Thursday, July 1, 2021 Hellman Fellows Fellowship begins.

Application Form and Related Documents

For best results use Adobe Reader version 7 or later. Fillable forms do not always function properly with Mac Preview.

  • Hellman Application PDF Fillable Form (pdf - Download and open with Adobe Reader)
  • Hellman Application Criteria (pdf)
  • Hellman Application Review Process (pdf)

Questions regarding the Hellman Fellowship Program should be emailed to (email).

Academic Personnel Office Contacts:

  • Danessa Murdock (email) – x23385
Links and News Articles
  • UCR Society of Hellman Fellows (2011 through 2022 FY) (link)
  • Hellman Fellows Website hosted by the Hellman Fellowship Foundation (link)