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eFilePlus Academic Personnel System

eFilePlus Academic Personnel System

We listened and, with the help of enthusiastic faculty and staff on the committee, have made changes to eFile!  The new and improved eFilePlus is simpler and less time-consuming to use and can be viewed on mobile devices.  eFilePlus will also allow us to continue to add more user-friendly items as we move forward (we could not do it all for initial roll out).

Important: As of July 21, 2018, all faculty must use the new eFilePlus system.

Supported browsers: Automatic updates are always recommended to ensure a secure and modern browsing experience, as certain technologies may lead to a degraded or otherwise suboptimal browsing experience. Each of the latest browsers are supported: Google Chrome,  Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari.

Here is some important information regarding the phased rollout of this new system.

Phase 1: In May, data for all faculty not under review during the AY17-18 cycle were migrated to eFilePlus. All eFile data was transferred from the current eFile system to the new eFilePlus system. The new eFilePlus system will support data entry during this phase and so is being deployed in time for updates and letter requests that occur before the summer in some disciplines.

Phase 2: In June/July, faculty who completed a review during the AY17-18 cycle were migrated to eFilePlus. The new eFilePlus system will support data entry for these faculty during this phase as well.

Phase 3: Support for reviews (includes Snapshots and Routing) will be available in September 2018.

As we get closer to the completion of each phase, we will be providing more information on important dates and deployment efforts.  Stay tuned and watch for important announcements in the coming weeks.

For questions or more information on the transition from eFile to eFilePlus, please contact

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