eFilePlus Academic Personnel System

UCR’s Academic Personnel eFilePlus System (formerly eFile) is a secure, online academic review management system that supports the personnel actions for appointment and advancement.

The system provides a standard, paperless process for academic reviews. Some of the features and benefits include:

  • A stable, secure, and easily accessible online application
  • A database where faculty and/or AP staff in the departments can quickly modify and add records as the faculty member's file is updated
  • "Snapshots" for academic actions (Merits, Promotions, Career Reviews, Appraisals, etc.) can be generated using the existing records in the faculty member's database
  • An academic review file “snapshot” can be routed using a shared governance workflow technology, from snapshot creation to reviews to a final decision.

To log in to the eFilePlus System, click on this link:

Recommended operating systems: Microsoft Windows 8.1+ or Apple Mac OS X 10+; eFilePlus' responsive design is compatible with up-to-date mobile devices.

Supported browsers: Automatic updates are always recommended to ensure a secure and modern browsing experience, as certain technologies may lead to a degraded or otherwise suboptimal browsing experience. Each of the latest browsers are supported along with backwards compatibility for one full version still supported by the vendor: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox,  Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge.

UCR login credentials and eFilePlus role are required to access the system. For more information, click on this link: eFilePlus: Managing and Assigning Roles.  For support, please contact your college/school subject matter expert (click here) or email